Mid - Career

How do I change my beneficiary?

It is very important to keep the Plan up-to-date with your desired named beneficiary.  Forms are available by calling our office, the Local 8 office or by clicking the link below and sending the form to us.  If you are unsure of who your beneficiary is, please call the office.

What happens if I die before I retire?
In the event of your death before your pension payment commences:

  1. Your surviving Spouse is eligible to receive an immediate pension equal to 75% of your lifetime pension, continuing for your Spouse's Lifetime.  If your Spouse dies before payments have been made for 120 months, the value of the remaining payments shall be paid to your Spouse's designated beneficiary.  

  2. If you are not survived by a Spouse and your beneficiary is financially dependent on you, the beneficiary shall be eligible to receive an immediate pension equal to 75% of your lifetime pension.  This pension will be payable for 10 years, or less where required by Income Tax Regulations.  Income Tax Regulations prohibit the payment of pension benefits to dependents who are over 18 and not in school full time.  Also, beneficiaries who were dependent on you because of a disability are prohibited, by Income Tax Regulations, from receiving pension payments if they recover from their disability after your death.

  3. If you are not survived by a Spouse and your beneficiary is not financially dependent on you, your named beneficiary will be eligible to receive a commuted value of your pension benefit.

In the event of your death, after your pension payments commence, payments shall be governed by the form of pension you elect when you retire. 

What is the definition of Spouse?
"Spouse" means in relation to a Plan Member:

  1. A person, who, at the relevant time, was married to the Plan Member and had not been living separate and apart from the Plan Member for three (3) or more consecutive years, or

  2. If there is no person to whom subsection (a) applies, a person who, immediately preceding the relevant time, had lived with the Plan Member in conjugal relationship

    > for a continuous period of at lease three (3) years, or

    > of some permanence, if there is a child of the relationship by birth or adoption.

What happens if I became disabled while Active?
You can apply for disability pension credits if you are disabled for six months.  If your application is approved, the Plan will pay contributions on your behalf back to the date of your disability based on the average pension you earned over the 5 years before disability occured.  The disability credits continue as long as you remain disabled or until the earlier of retirement or death.  You will not receive a disability income from the Plan, but your future retirement income will continue to increase as if you were working.