Mission Statement

Our Mission


To prudently manage the financial assets and protect the future benefits promised, so that members can retire with financial security and dignity, and to provide the best possible pension benefits to retiring or disabled members and their beneficiaries.

Our Business Purpose


To administer the Trust in a manner that is equally fair and maximizes long term benefits to all Plan Members. 

Our Goals and Objectives


Administer the Trust in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Maximize pension benefits as permitted by financial assets of the Plan, including increases for cost of living.
Enhance the Plan's benefits as permitted by financial or contractual changes.

Wherever possible, to provide leadership and be a cohesive influence for the Sheet Metal Industry, inclusive of labour and management.

To provide additional services to the Plan Members as deemed appropriate.

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 If your name is on the list, please contact the Pension Administration Office.   

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Information Posted on this Website

This website was created to allow us to provide the most current information to our members.
No personal member information will be posted on this website.